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 The International Coaching Council  
ICC - Accredited Professional Coach Education

The International Coaching Council (ICC -foundered in 1998) is uniquely both an internationally recognized coach training accreditation body and a global coaching industry group. It's mission is elevating the quality of the coaching profession by developing the highest level of professional coach education and practice standards. ICC Members share a common belief that professional coaching education must be industry-based and focused to the needs of the client-user. ICC Industry Members seek to distance themselves from the general coaching marketplace through providing an unsurpassed quality of accountable professional coaching practices in the various commercial and not-for-profit organizations they work with/in.

For:   Professional People Developers, Change Agents and
who require:
            'world-best' standard accredited coach training and support,
valid and reliable behavioral change tools and,
proven industry-based coaching models -to build accountable
            and measurable world best class
coaching programs.

Master Coach Course

  - Is the most valued accredited coaching designation recognized by
 the international coaching 

Accredited, Industry-Approved and internationally recognized:
Master Certified Coach (ICC accredited) is internationally recognized as the highest rated professional coach designation. The course is co-developed by the ICC and our educational partners the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI) and BCI's educational arm -the Graduate School of Master Coaches. BCI is the world's leading developer of behavioral change coaching models, tools and techniques and with McGraw-Hill publishes 'best-selling' introductory-level coaching text books (written by Dr Perry Zeus and Dr Skiffington) in multiple languages.



  "..the world leader in Professional Coach Training."  -ICAA Survey 
    "..the most respected coaching educator in the business world today." -HRNews      

A better, faster way to learn...
Participants have the option to obtain Certification by: Self-Study, Distance (videoconference) Learning, Campus or In-House Company Course. A fast-tracked, customized approach is designed to fit the specific coaching needs of busy professionals who demand the best tools and behavioral change methodology.

Learn with International Experts:
The Institute's expert faculty members have trained and certified hundreds of leaders of many of the world's leading organizations and are acknowledged authorities in behavioral change coaching methodology and best practices.  

The Speciality Certification Programs include :
  • HR
  • Executive Development
  • Business and Workplace Professional and Personal Development

    Note: Graduates of the Institute's Certified Master Coach Program  automatically become full members of the International Coaching Council (currently over 6,600 Certified Master Coaches and member organizations from over 60 countries).

As confirmed by Wikipedia (the world's largest and most respected online encyclopedia) -the ICC is one of only three coach training accreditation bodies that are internationally recognized. The ICC strongly believes that a professional executive or business coach's learning is never complete. As such ICC members are able to participate in various forms of continuing professional development including Courseware Licensing, the Coaches Learning Center and membership of an ICC Learning Group.

  Member Organizations:  
       - Some of the world's leading organizations' coaches, L&D and HR
        key personnel who have completed the Master Coach course include:

  • Sony
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • The Bank of New York
  • GE
  • Lloyds Bank 
  • Pfizer
  • BHP Billiton
  • Singapore Civil Service College
  • Red Cross
  • McKinsey & Co
  • Vodafone
  • Hong Kong University of Science & Technology 
  • Alcatel
  • Wells Fargo
  • BAE Systems
  • Shell Global
  • Intel
  • Fed Ex
  • IBM
  • Toyota
  • Petroleo Brasileiro
  • Mount Royal University
  • Sing Health Polyclinics
  • American Express
  • Citicorp 
  • Dept. of Defence
  • World Vision
  • Rockwell Automation
  • NSW Dept. of Education
  • University Hospital Birmingham
  • Walt Disney World
  • Oil India
  • Ras Gas Qatar
  • Saatchi & Saatchi, N.Y.
  • More > Individual & Corp. Graduate Registry


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(M.C.C.) Course

  -Suitable for:
-Whether you are looking
   to establish a successful
   professional coaching
   practice or an internal
   coaching program with
   accreditation etc..

The Master Coach (ICC
   accredited) courses
   are by 'invitation only'
   to qualified professionals




  ICC Accreditation
   for your own course

Obtain international
    recognization for your own

  -The Behavioral Coaching
   Institute is the only authorized
   agent to act on behalf of the ICC.

   BCI is a Founding Board
   Member of the ICC AND
is the
   world's leading specialist
   supplier of professional
   behavioral change coaching
and practices








Master Coach Course:

For qualified professionals only

Regional campuses..... -More

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