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Neurocoaching Model versus Old School Coaching Model.




Many practitioners claim to use neurocoaching simply for marketing purposes. On close scrutiny of their coaching models they are merely attaching a new name to the old workplace counseling model; that is, they use a skills base coaching model with results that are not measured and more importantly, sustainable. While some practitioners claim to practice Neurocoaching simply because they undertook a low priced, unaccredited, online, coach training course under a false promotional banner labeled Neurocoaching.

Neurocoaching goes beyond false promises about change and examines what can and cannot be changed. It utilizes a research-based and scientifically validated neuro-behavioral change model (Brain-Mind-Body Approach). 

Neurocoaching integrates research from many proven disciplines into a validated, user-friendly model of practice.

A genuine Neurocoaching intervention employs Cognitive Neuroplasticity Models of Change that are experiential in nature and also integrate components of:

→- Behavioral change therapy

→- Emotional realignment therapy

→- Neural shaping

→- Mindfulness based cognitive restructuring

→- Gestalt therapy

→- Transpersonal discovery

→- The Psychology of Selves

→- Positive Memory Reconstitution

→- And the following key psychological principles and techniques : Self-actualization, Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Self Identity and Working in the Conscious, Unconscious and Super Consciousness Zone, Direct Visualization. 

Neurocoaching also incorporates knowledge from psychology (behavioral, clinical, social, developmental, industrial and organizational), systems theories, existential philosophy, education and the management and leadership literature. 

The targeted behavioral intervention's objective is to have your client achieve perceptual self-awareness and learn powerful, self-empowering, brain-mind change techniques for peak performance, rejuvenation, well-being, health and happiness.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Neurocoaching Diploma graduate coaches are able to teach their clients easy-to-use, practical, self-empowering neuropsychological techniques (to practice once a day for 15 mins) that change and redirect associated neural patterns to activate targeted innate brain-mind-body mechanisms.

- receive "Dip NeuroC." Letters after your name!

One of the reasons why Neurocoaching is so widely accepted as the premium coaching model is that it allows for data to be gathered on specific, targeted behavioral drivers impacting the application of a professional skill or behavioral issue to be worked on. By using appropriate validated, change instruments, these targeted behavioral drivers can easily be measured and evaluated in a rigorous manner. Neurocoaching, with its emphasis on research and evidence, provides individuals and organizations a validated and proven system that greatly increases their chances of effecting lasting change.  

Changing behavioral drivers cannot be achieved by using the many simplistic, outdated models of coaching still widely promoted in the coaching industry/literature. Many so-called "certified coaches" churned out by the scores of online coach training providers are simply doing more harm than good. Meantime, many large, high-profile coach training schools are teaching ‘old-school’, outdated, simplistic models of coaching dressed-up as Neurocoaching that in reality are just re-labeled, old performance counseling strategies or, in some cases, scientifically unproven fuzzy techniques.  

Neurocoaching has even been hijacked by NLP or neurolinguistic practitioners. NLP is widely regarded as a pseudoscience and not a true science. It is not accepted in any serious scientific circles and no college teaches NLP. Very few psychologists even know it. It also lacks credibility in the corporate arena. 

There is a “new alliance” between neuroscience, psychotherapy and new school coaching that is now taking place.
ICC Accredited courses place their students at the forefront in the coaching world marketplace by providing them with world-best-class, cutting-edge, proven Neurocoaching Change Models and Tools. 

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's elite Master Level Coach training course in NEUROCOACHING:

The Behavioral Coaching Institute's (established 1994) internationally recognized, credentialing, Diploma Course in Neurocoaching provides the latest, breakthrough neurocoaching technology, proprietary tools and techniques that traditional, 'Old School' coaching fails to deliver.

This excellent program (via Self-Study / Distance Learning or Campus Program Format) has been designed by world experts in their field and is continually updated with the latest science. Note: Clients include many of the world's top 100 companies.


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